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Pest Control is not just a spray of your premise. For it to become effective we need to have an IPM (Integrated Pest management) Program in place to educate your workers on how to prevent pests from entering your premises.

IPM is the integration of preventative and corrective measures to reduce the impact of pests.

Applied well, the concept of IPM will have the following results:

  • Maximise control of target pests
  • Minimise Health and Safety issues/hazards associated with Pest Control
  • Minimise pesticide usage
  • Create contented customers and long-term contracts
  • Increase the profits of our customers and of Rentokil
  • Minimise operational disruption to the customer

Critical to the successful development of an effective IPM program are the following:

  • A thorough survey by well trained and qualified personnel
  • Establishment of key objectives and programme constraints
  • Education and involvement of the customer regarding all preventative and corrective control options and how they impact on the final result
  • Installation of physical exclusion (proofing) measures
  • Increasing sanitation/housekeeping/stacking standards and procedures
  • Informed selection and application of mechanical, biological and chemical control techniques by trained, qualified staff
  • On-going involvement and assistance from all levels of the customers’ staff with the program
  • On-going system/programme monitoring and re-evaluation

We need to work in partnership to solve your pest problems!

In order to help our customers help us with the service we provide, Rentokil have developed PestAware.

The education and training is the way forward for an effective Pest Control Program.

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