Approval for use of rodent control glueboards in 2015


The Animal Welfare (Glueboard Traps) Order 2009 restricts the use and sale of glueboard traps from 01 January 2015. Under section 8 of this order an application for exemption to use or sell may be granted subject to the conditions under sub clause 3.

Ministerial approval

On 19 December 2014, the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) approved Rentokil Pest Control to continue using rodent control glueboards beyond 31 December 2014. This is subject to the exemption conditions of the approval and the requirement to follow the industry Standard Operating Procedure to use glue board traps for rodents in compliance with conditions of Ministerial approval and the PMANZ Code of Practice for Operational Procedures for the humane use of Rodent Glue Board Traps. A copy of the letter from MPI confirming Rentokil’s Application for Exemption from Glue Board Trap Regulations is also available.

When does the exemption take effect?

This exemption approves Rentokil Pest Control to continue with the use of rodent control glueboards for the period of 01 January 2015 through to 31 December 2015 inclusive.

Who does this exemption effect?

This exemption allows the continued use of glue boards at all of the sites where Rentokil Pest Control currently have glueboards in use, as part of an integrated pest management programme.

What happens next?

Rentokil is committed to the phase out of rodent control glueboards and will be actively participating in the alternative working group co-ordinated by MPI. The purpose of this working group is to review and propose the best possible alternative rodent control solutions, ensuring the level of risk posed by rodents to our customers will not increase when compared to the risk level associated with the current rodent control programme utilising glueboard devices. Once the best alternative solution is agreed upon, we will work with your business to establish a change out programme.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the conditions of this exemption further, please contact your local Rentokil representative on 0800 RENTOKIL.

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