Hot weather sparks pest rise

Sobering news for householders looking forward to warmer temperatures in the coming weeks … insect pests are looking forward to the heat as well!

Rentokil Pest Control expert Maihi Cooper says the warmer weather spells particularly bad news for those of us who can’t abide flies.

“Depending on the conditions, the common house fly can go from egg to mature adult in as little as six days and a mature female will easily lay around 900 eggs before her life cycle ends after approximately three weeks.

Around the country Rentokil Pest Control technicians have had the expected call outs for flies and cockroaches although in general, activity appears to be down on previous years.

Cooper says this is largely weather related but warns that with warmer weather predicted … the pests will come.

“Householders would be wrong to get complacent, the pests may be coming later, but there’s no doubt they will come.”

In Christchurch there has been an increase in requests for bird proofing with birds looking elsewhere for harbourage and landings as regular inner-city habitats are destroyed by earthquake-related building demolition and ants are also on the increase, a combination of weather and earthquake factors.

As the days get warmer, Cooper cautions to keep an eye out for ants in your toothpaste and that bedside glass of juice as well as garden paving becoming unstable due to ants excavating the soil beneath.

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