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Rentokil Biosecurity Centre

Rentokil Biosecurity Centre


All manner of creeping crawling nasties seem intent on making New Zealand home. They can lie in wait in even the most innocent parcels, packages and pallets and they threaten our businesses, our homes and our reputations.

We will now be offering them a delightful steam bath...whether they like it or not!

The Rentokil Biosecurity Centre is the only one of its kind in New Zealand. As well as traditional dry heat treatments, our large purpose-built kiln offers humidity cycles especially designed for foodstuffs, items manufactured from wood prone to warping and other goods where dry heat can cause degradation.

We are approved by the Ministry for Primary Industries to carry out official fumigation.

The "steam bath" kills all insect life stages as well as dealing with mould and pathogens. The kiln interior and specific treatment zone is remotely monitored to ensure pests are eradicated.

Find out more information on Biosecurity New Zealand.

To find out more about the Rentokil Biosecurity Centre please call our Biosecurity/ Quarantine Fumigation Team on 0800 552 004 or contact us for enquiries.