National Technical Manager

National Technical Manager

Maihi Cooper has been in the Pest Control industry for over 10 years. Maihi started as a Technician with Rentokil Pest Control, becoming a fully qualified and licensed technician. He has a lot of training in the industry with qualifications such as:

  • National Certificate in Urban Pest Management
  • PMANZ Registration
  • National Certificate in Quality Assurance
  • Health & safety Training in:
    • Hazard Management
    • Accident Incident Investigation
    • Health & safety Representative
  • Frontline Management

Maihi supports the service department by carrying out audits on customer premises which include in-depth examination, analysis and solutions for your:

  • Production processes
  • External/internal auditing compliance
  • Supply chain management

and service programme requirements to ensure a zero tolerance attitude is maintained.

As well as being experienced in carrying out detailed investigations to get to the root cause of any problems, our National Technical Manager will make practical recommendations to deal with the situation.

Quality Auditing is particularly valuable to companies in the food manufacture/storage and pharmaceutical production industries, providing another level of protection and reassurance not available elsewhere.

Does your organisation require the analytical expertise of our pest control expert?

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