PestFix offers a range of innovative solutions to eliminate existing pest problems or to guard against the threat of potential infestations.
Our PestFix service offers tailored solutions to all customer types, ranging from large industrial sites through to your family home. These solutions may include:

  • Inspections and audits by independent technical experts
  • Installation of physical barriers and repellents to complement other control measures and minimise or eliminate the need for pesticide solutions
  • Overall site risk-assessment analysis
  • Single or short term treatments to combat 'one off' or rare pest problems
  • Consultation or advice on any area of your business or home that may be affected by the thousands of flying, crawling, running or jumping pests that share our world

As with all Rentokil agreements, our PestFix service will be tailored to the exact requirements or your particular business.
An extensive Risk Assessment will be carried out at all commercial premises to ensure your staff, products and customers’ health and wellbeing remain our top priority. Residential customers will be given an informative Customer Information and Safety Sheet to protect you and your family.

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