Pest-free conditions can only be created and maintained if all members of your staff are made aware of the problems that pests can cause and are reminded of what they can do to prevent them.

To help support your business, Rentokil Pest Control has developed a suite of services to reinforce the message that all pests are 'Bad for Business'. This campaign is dual-purpose:

  • Focussing on education about pests and the problems they create – working with you to educate your business
  • Providing general support information – advising what your business needs to do to help minimise the entry and spread of pests
PestAware Education & Support

Rentokil Pest Control has created a series of dynamic A2 posters and A5 stickers for displaying in carefully chosen areas of your business in order to create an instant reminder of what your employees need to do to prevent pests becoming a problem.


The educational posters can be displayed in any areas where employees meet, and the support stickers in close proximity to any areas in and around your business where pests might establish themselves. They advise the course of action that needs to be taken to help create and maintain a pest-free environment.

PestAware Training

The aim of PestAware Training is to provide training about pests specific to your industry. Basic pest knowledge will help you spot the presence of pests early and help prevent the risk of contamination. We are able to provide bespoke awareness training programmes, including:

  • Pest damage identification
  • Current legislation updates
  • Certificates of attendance
  • Introduction to food hygiene training

Like all Rentokil services, your PestAware service will be tailored to the exact requirements of your particular business. For those of you in the food, pharmaceutical and allied industries, we also offer:

  • PestAware Design Consultancy
  • PestAware Supply Chain Auditing
  • PestAware Specialist Cleaning

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