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Luminos® 3 Fly Killer

Discreet and effective fly control

Image of a Luminos 3 Fly killer | Rentokil Pest Control NZ

Luminos® 3 fly killer is now available as a glue board fly control unit, specifically designed for customers who require flying insect catch tray analysis. Luminos® 3 has a large and efficient glue board that covers both the back and base of the unit. Not only making it highly effective, but also allowing very accurate catch tray analysis to be carried out.


Benefits to your business

Image of a Rentokil technician servicing a Luminos 3 Fly Killer unit | Rentokil Pest Control NZ
  • Highly effective - eliminates the nuisance caused by flying insects.
  • Large, effective glue board - allows accurate catch tray analysis.
  • Discreet, unobtrusive design - can be used in public areas.
  • Safe and hygienic - no pesticides or flying insect fragments.
  • Peace of mind - fulfils legal and health & safety requirements.

Suitable for your business

Luminos® 3 fly killer unit is suitable for a range of customers, including:


Technical Specifications

The graph below reflects the calculated  Half Life Time for the Rentokil Luminos® fly control range. This test measures how quickly a unit catches 50% of flies in an area, and uses this as a proxy for overall effectiveness.


Image of Luminos 3 Fly Killer Graph | Rentokil Pest Control NZ


Luminos® 3 fly killer unit conforms to all relevant electrical and UV safety standards. To ensure optimum performance, the unit should be professionally serviced by your Rentokil Technician. The lamps should be replaced annually at the beginning of the fly season.


Image of Luminos 3 Fly Killers Specifications | Rentokil Pest Control NZ

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