Luminos® Fly Control

Luminos® Fly Killers

The Luminos® Fly Killers range uses Rentokil's unique encapsulation technology or glue boards to capture and kill flying insects quickly and efficiently. These fly killers are suitable for a range of internal environments where flies are not welcome, as well as a wide variety of industries with specific requirements for highly effective fly control.

Enhanced Fly Killers

Unlike conventional devices, these indoor electronic fly killers reduce the risk of contamination from flying insects and the fragmentation or blow out of dead insects. There’s no catch tray, no mess and no more fly problem. The efficiency and design of each fly killer unit provides peace of mind, as they comply with all legal and health & safety requirements.

Fly Killer Testing

To ensure optimum performance throughout the range of fly killers, Rentokil carry out a series of tests using a scientific Half Life Measurement. This measures how quickly a fly killer unit catches 50% of flies in an area, and uses this as a proxy for overall effectiveness.

As well as the enhanced Luminos® Fly Killers range, Rentokil also offers other insect control services, including Insect proofing.

Luminos® Fly Killers Range

Image of a Luminos 3 Fly killer | Rentokil Pest Control NZ  

Luminos® 3 Fly Killer - Discreet and effective flying insect control for medium risk areas, where accurate catch tray analysis is required such as Large food retailers and commercial kitchens. Learn more about Luminos® 3 Fly Killer.


Luminos 3 Plus Fly Control Image | Rentokil Fly Pest Control NZ

Luminos® 3 Plus Fly Killer - Effective flying insect control with unique Rentokil encapsulation technology for areas requiring high level protection such as Restaurant kitchens, Food concessions in stores and Large food retailers. Learn more about Luminos® 3 Plus Fly Killer.


Image of a Luminos 4 Fly Killer unit | Rentokil Pest Control NZ

Luminos® 4 Fly Killer - Ultimate protection from flying insects with unique Rentokil encapsulation technology for very low tolerance areas such as Food processors, Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Commercial kitchens and General industrial sites. Learn more about Luminos® 4 Fly Killer.

If you need advice on how to get rid of flies around your home or garden please visit our residential section on flying insects.

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