Insect Monitor Unit (IMU)

Insect Monitor Unit (IMU)

Control Your Environment

Image of an Insect Monitor Unit (IMU) demonstrating Rentokil's innovative technology | Rentokil Pest Control NZ

Can't afford the presence of insects on your premises? If you work in a sensitive sector such as food manufacture or pharmaceutical production you can't afford even the suggestion of a cockroach or ant anywhere near your production line.

That's where Rentokil's Insect Monitor Unit (IMU) comes in. It can monitor and protect every internal area — sending out an instant alert if any kind of insect presence is detected. The use of the IMU has many benefits:

  • It shows how seriously you take the possibility of insect intrusion
  • It allows us to take immediate action in the event of a problem
  • Early intervention reduces the level of potential problems — and the amount of insecticide we have to use
  • Exercising Due Diligence protects your business, your reputation and your bottom line

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