Electrical Impulse System

Electrical Impulse System

A New Impulse in Bird Deterrence – Avisave Round-the-clock Reliability

Electrical Impulse System

Tired of unsightly bird droppings on facades and roofs, not to mention the health problems from infectious agents and parasites? Rentokil’s Avisave Electrical Impulse System provides effective help. Each time a pigeon touches the Avisave system, it receives a thoroughly unpleasant, but harmless electric shock, and flies away. From that moment it will associate the relevant position with pain, and in future avoid landing there. The nature of the deterrent means that birds will never get used to it.

Flexible Avisave can be fitted to almost every kind of building. The thin, weather-resistant, stainless steel rods are fitted to all ledges and projections, and remain virtually invisible, even on the most complex façade constructions. The high-quality material is guaranteed for five years. Powered optionally by solar energy, Avisave is independent of power supplies and fully cost-neutral.

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