Bird Point Deterrent

Bird Point Deterrent

Puts Your Buildings Off-limits to Birds

Image showing Rentokil's Bird Point Deterrent system for pigeon control

Are pigeons and other birds costing your business a small fortune in cleaning and maintenance bills? They can be a nuisance and health hazard to your staff and clients. Installing the Rentokil Bird Point Deterrent system can provide lasting pigeon pest control.

The Rentokil Bird Point Deterrent system is a versatile method of bird control. It can be fitted to almost any part of your premises where birds are likely to settle, including ledges, sills, lights, chimneys and gutters. The discreet, spring loaded lengths of blunt needle gently push the birds off balance and force them to alight elsewhere. Pigeon control that is quick and cost effective to install.

Once in place the Rentokil Bird Point Deterrent system will ensure a smarter appearance for your property and protection for your staff and clients. You'll enjoy ongoing savings in time and money, and our 5 year materials guarantee means you'll continue to benefit from peace of mind in the future too.

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