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Rid Rat Super and Squeak Super Grain Baits

Rid Rat Super

Rentokil Rid Rat Super and Squeak Super Baits are made using kibbled wheat which is consistently favourite food of most rodent species. This second generation poison in the form of bromadiolone ensures swift eradication of rodents and is one of the most fast acting poisons on the market. It is especially effective on rodents that have developed resistance to anticoagulants.

Instructions: Place bait (30g or more for Rats, 10g for Mice) in bait stations such as Rentokil Mouse Bait Station or Rentokil Rat Bait Station. These stations are bought separately from these products. Inspect baiting points frequently and replace bait until no more is taken. By Law these products must only be used in a bait station and must only be used as specified on the label.

Size: Available in 125gm Handipack and 250gram ValuePack, 2.5kg pail, 5kg pail and 10kg pail