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Pest Control Advice

No matter how clean you try to keep your home you will at some time or another need to deal with rodent and insect pests. Here are some basic tips to keep pests at bay and your home safe and healthy.

  • Spray bottle insecticides are most effective at leaving residues on surfaces and continue to be effective against flying and crawling insects. Aerosol products are best used for instant knockdown of flying insects.
  • Clean up 'wet' food residues such as spilt jams, sauces, juices etc. These are sure-fire targets for ants, flies and wasps. Keep 'dry' foods such as flour, seeds and grains in airtight containers because these can attract rodents and other insects such as coddling moths. Also, regularly treat domestic pets such as cats and dogs to minimise flea numbers in your home.
  • Always discard dead cockroaches as their eggs continue to develop even after (the female's) death. These eggs can provide food for other cockroaches. Use disposable gloves or tissues when handling dead cockroaches. As a further precaution, always wash your hands afterwards.
  • Ensure mouse and rat baits are attached to the ground via a bait station or rod. This will stop rodents hiding or burying it to find and eat later.  Keep all rodent baits out of the way of children, domestic pests and birds.
  • As mice tend to eat small amounts of food at various feeding points, try laying three or four baits in different areas where you think they might be active. Do not handle dead rodents with bare hands. Either dispose of the body with the bait station, or wear gloves. Always wash hands thoroughly afterwards.