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Rentokil Total Insect Killer

Rentokil Total Insect Killer 500ml

Total Insect Killer is the ideal product to control all types of flying or crawling insects in and around your home. It has a strong active poison in the form of cypermethrin, making it perfect for all those cracks and crevices around your home that aerosols cannot penetrate. The spray is suitable to use under the eves of your house to control spiders and moths, under your fridge for stubborn cockroaches, or on your window sills and frames for flies and mozzies. It will also kill fleas effectively with a long lasting residual that leaves little or no marks and stains.

Instructions: Apply at any time of the year whenever crawling or flying insects are a cause for concern. Shake the bottle well before use. Select spray or stream on the nozzle and apply from a distance of approximately 30cm until the treated area is thoroughly wet. For best results, treat areas over which insect activity is seen and apply into cracks and gaps where they may hide or nest. Always turn the nozzle OFF after use.

Size: Available in Ready-To-Use Trigger Spray in 500ml and 1 litre Value bottle