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Rentokil Flypaper

Rentokil Flypapers

Rentokil Flypaper is a safe, non-toxic method of killing flies and other flying insects. They are particularly useful where food is present, such as kitchens and larders. The Flypapers are also suitable for use in out-buildings such as stables, barns and sheds, caravans or tents. When used outside the home, it is advisable to hang the flypaper inside cage or station to protect non-target species such as birds and flying animals from getting entangled with the flypaper.

Instructions: If cold, warm the tube in hands. Remove cap and retain drawing pin. Hold tube in one hand and pull cord out slowly while twirling tube gently. Hang Flypaper away from direct sunlight using drawing pin supplied.

Size: Available in packs of 4 rolls and packs with 8 rolls.