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Wildlife Management

Due to New Zealand's geographical isolation, pre-settlement native flora and fauna was free from natural predators and grazing mammals. The introduction of feral pests by settlers has had a devastating effect on our natural environment.

Possums, mustelids, goats, cats, dogs, deer, rabbits and rodents found themselves in a temperate habitat with abundant food supplies and no natural predators. Herbivorous grazers, such as possums and goats, feed selectively on new shoots and leaves, destroying trees and permanently changing the forest composition. Carnivorous predators, such as stoats and ferrets, have an easy meal in defenceless flightless birds, small native tree-nesting birds and small native frogs and reptiles.

Rentokil Pest Control works along with conservation authorities in protecting the wildlife of New Zealand. To find out more about how we can deal with any vertebrate and invertebrate pest problem, please call us on 0800 552 004 to arrange a visit by a specialist surveyor.

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