Commercial Pest Control

Heat Treatments

Heat Treatments

Rentokil offers Heat Treatment facilities which may be an alternative to the normal use of methyl bromide fumigation. There are three types of treatments available: Dry Heat Treatment; ISPM 15 Heat Treatment; and Moist Heat Treatment.

Heat treatment is for both import and export of goods and for treatment of non quarantine items which have become infested with pests. Heat is used for the sterilisation and/or devitalisation of product without the use of toxic gases; such products include vehicles, timber, birdseeds, grains, herbs, bark products, Bali grass thatching, water hyacinth and moss products.

Dry Heat Treatment

Dry heat treatment is the most common treatment available. Depending on the product, the normal rate for heat treatment may range from 55°C to 85°C from 10 minutes to 15 hour intervals, which are the temperature and times approved by Biosecurity New Zealand.

ISPM 15 Heat Treatment

Wood packaging materials used for exporting of goods must meet the International ISPM 15 standard. These items may include crates, boxes, packing cases, dunnage, pallets, drums, spools and reels which are made from wood. After treatment, all above goods are approved with the ISPM 15 mark.

Moist Heat Treatment

Although this treatment uses the same process as Dry Heat Treatment, the difference is the introduction of a moist vapour during the treatment. This humidity helps to reduce the burning effect that heat may have on certain products for example the warping or twisting of wooden artifacts. This is also a requirement of seeded product(s) for sterilisation or devitalisation. Rentokil Quarantine Fumigation has found that if this treatment is required there is also some time required after moist treatment, for dry treatment to be done, to ensure the product does not sweat or go moldy.

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