Pests that Damage Textiles

Pests that damage textiles

Problem with Your Fabrics? We'll Get Rid of it for You

Danger Signs

  • Live or dead insects, often around windows.
  • Damage to clothing, carpets or other fabrics.
  • Birds—many textile pests originate in birds' nests and may be carried by birds.

Potential Harm

Untreated infestations can cause:

  • Damage to historic artefacts.
  • Damage to clothing, carpets, upholstered furniture.
  • Contamination of foodstuffs and fabric–based goods.

Business Consequences

  • Loss of goods and foodstuffs.
  • Damage to goodwill, reputation, custom and income.
  • Irreparable damage to historic and irreplaceable artefacts, tapestries, etc.

Steps To Take

  • Identify the problem species — you'll need professional help with this.
  • Proof your premises against birds.
  • Use Controlled Atmosphere Technology (CAT) treatment for museums and galleries — it's non-toxic and can't damage delicate articles.
  • Use appropriate insecticides.
  • Set up regular schedule of visits by qualified Technicians to monitor situation.

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