New Zealand Pest Control Experts

  • We are the leaders in pest control services in New Zealand
  • Qualified knowledge in pest trends & treatment techniques
  • Protecting local New Zealand homes & businesses since 1965

Residential - 0800 552 001

Residential 0800 117 852

Rentokil trains Pest Control Technicians in local expertise and is open all year round to deal with common house pests. As specialists, we deal with pest problems quickly and effectively.

Commercial - 0800 552 004

Commercial  0800 117 8518

We use global experience and local knowledge to tailor a pest control solution to suit your business. Get access to technicians with the latest local pest control training with 100 years of technical experience.

Technical Support

Technical Control

We have built up extensive knowledge of the lifestyle, habits and vulnerabilities of all types of pests that can affect you. We have an unmatched armoury of products and services.